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As our members know, the previous co-editor of ISPS the book series Alison Summers contributed so much to the series, and we were very sad to see her go. The good news is that a new co-series editor has now been appointed to work with the existing co-editor Anna Lavis. After careful conisderation of many excellent applicants we are delighted to announce that Andrew Shephard has joined us!

Andrew Shepherd - New series co-editor

Andrew is a psychiatrist, working in prison settings primarily, and is also employed as a university lecturer. His interests focus on the manner in which social groups (for example communities, or institutions such as prisons) work together to make sense of the distressing experiences that may emerge amongst or within them. He looks forward to working with Anna Lavis on the book series and hearing from writers regarding their experiences of meeting mental distress whatever form it may take.

ISPS book series editorial board members:

Sandra Bucci              

Marc Calmeyn        

Caroline Cupitt     

Stephanie Ewart              

Jim Geekie                        

Lee Gunn                        

Nev Jones                    

David Kennard          

Eleanor Longden                      

Tanya Luhrmann                           

Brian Martindale                        

Michael O’Loughlin                        

Jim van Os                  

David Shiers                             

Pamela Fuller               

Katherine Berry

Sumeet Jain                 

Kelley Irmen

Olympia Gianfarancesco

Andrew Moskowitz, associate editor on the monograph strand of the series


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