How to cope with voices and delusions? Recovery movement developed many methods

Eleanor Longden's video

The International Community for Hearing Voices

National Empowerment Center (NEC) Hearing Voices Self-Help Strategies:

NEC-Self-Coping Strategies for Hearing Distressing Voices:

Ron Coleman’s Working with Voices website:

Gail Hornstein PhD. Gail’s site is an important resource for articles, websites, etc., on personal narratives of disorder, resource guides for coping with voices, delusions, etc.

Baker, Paul. (1995). The voice inside: A practical guide to coping with hearing voices. Manchester, UK: Hearing Voices Network (available from

Corstens, D., May, R. and Longden, E. (2007). Talking with Voices: The Voice Dialoguing Manual (available from

Downs, Julie (ed.). (2001). Coping with voices and visions and Starting and supporting hearing voices groups. Manchester, UK: Hearing Voices Network (available fromRomme, M. and S. Escher (2000). Making Sense of Voices: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals Working with Voice-Hearers (includes the Maastricht Interview). London: MIND Publications

Romme, Marius, Sandra Escher, Jacqui Dillon, Dirk Corstens, and Mervyn Morris (eds.). (2009). Living with Voices: 50 Stories of Recovery (available from

Escher, Sandra and Marius Romme. (2010). Children Hearing Voices: What You Need to Know and What You Can Do (available from

Working to Recovery. How to Start and Run a Hearing Voices Group (available from

Working to Recovery. Working with Voices: Victim to Victor Workbook. (available from

Deegan, Patricia. Coping with voices: Self-help strategies for people who hear voices that are distressing (available from National Empowerment Center,

James, Adam. (2001). Raising our Voices: An Account of the Hearing Voices Movement. Gloucester, UK: Handsell Publications (available from

Twelve Aspects of Coping for Persons with Schizophrenia By Frederick J. Frese, Ph.D.:

Jacqui Dillon’s Website

Working through paranoia by Peter Bullimore on the hearing voices network.

Hearing Voices Network (HVNA): Hearing Voices Information Booklet-Experts by Experience:

Rufus May’s website:

Rufus May-Self-Help for Hearing Voices:

Coping strategies for hallucinations and delusions:

Andrew Solomon-What would you say to those suffering with mental illness?!

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