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ISPS Membership Directory 2021

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May 2015 E-Newsletter

Creativity and Psychotic States in Exceptional People tells the story of the lives of four exceptionally gifted individuals: Vincent van Gogh, Vaslav Nijinsky, José Saramago and John Nash. Previously unpublished chapters by Murray Jackson are set in a contextual framework by Jeanne Magagna, revealing the wellspring of creativity in the subjects’ emotional experiences and delving into the nature of psychotic states which influence and impede the creative process.

Jackson and Magagna aim to illustrate how psychoanalytic thinking can be relevant to people suffering from psychotic states of mind and provide understanding of the personalities of four exceptionally talented creative individuals. Present in the text are themes of loving and losing, mourning and manic states, creating as a process of repairing a sense of internal damage and the use of creativity to understand or run away from oneself. The book concludes with a glossary of useful psychoanalytic concepts.

Creativity and Psychotic States in Exceptional People will be fascinating reading for psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts, other psychoanalytically informed professionals, students and anyone interested in the relationship between creativity and psychosis.

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February 2015 E-Newsletter

ISPS Norway and Innlandet Hospital Trust invite you to attend our annual conference:


Good treatment for psychosis: Time - Safety - Meaning - Continuity

Rica Hotel Hamar, Norway

22. - 23. January 2015

This year's conference focuses on quality treatment for people with a psychotic disorder. The new national guidelines for "Assessment, treatment and follow-up for people with psychotic disorders" points to the importance of people with psychotic disorders feeling mastery and feeling that they are in the center of their own treatment and recovery. Treatment services must make time for the alliance, relationship building and continuity in treatment to create safety. Dialogue about needs, wishes and dreams for the individual is meaningful in their everyday life.

Speakers include: Jan Olav Johannessen, Pamela Fuller, Hannah Petrie, Bente Weimand, Leif Johnny Mandelid, Jan Magne Sørensen, Ellen K. Kallander, Kjersti Karlsen, Jan Kåre Hummelvoll, Sigbjørn Nordengen, Terje Solbakken, Lars Danbolt andTor Johan Ekeland.


Organizers: ISPS Norway in cooperation with Innlandet Hospital trust, Department of acute psychiatry and psychosis treatment Sanderud.


Registration: before 20th of December 2014 at


Conference flyer (in Norwegian)


Further information: 

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