What is psychosis?

In this section, we include several introductions to the issues involved in psychosis, helpful for people experiencing psychosis, their family and friends, and for professionals seeking a more experience-near understanding. For more information on specific symptom areas, see the fourth section, under "Introduction: 'Schizophrenia,' psychosis and recovery" - "Phenomena - characterizing psychosis, and otherwise." several symptoms of psychosis, which also can stand on itself, will be dealt with.

'Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia: Why people sometimes hear voices, believe things that others find strange, or appear out of touch with reality... and what can help' is a beautiful and extensive report from the British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology, from late 2014 see full report

What is Psychosis, film made on the ISPS conference in Liverpool 

'What is Psychosis'? An introduction on  psychotic disorders for caregivers, family and friends, by Jan Olav Johannessen, (president of ISPS) also an excellent primer, and includes information on how psychological developmental issues can contribute to the development of psychosis.

What is Psychosis? E-learning This program is an introduction to psychotic disorders; what is it, how they are treated and how it affects those who have it. It is designed for anyone who wants to know more, whether you are relatives, people with psychotic experiences, students, teachers or staff in healthcare.

Psychosis Is Nothing Like a Badger   Henry Gale created this animation to raise awareness concerning the signs and symptoms of Psychosis, in the hope that sufferers (and those around them) can seek help without fear, judgment, or hesitation. Having walked away from two episodes of psychosis, he felt that the beginning stages of the illness brought him the most fear and confusion. It was a hazy, in many ways unhelpful diagnosis, that was difficult to talk about - both for its stigma and lack of clarity. He is hoping that this video might help bridge that gap, giving sufferers, as well as their friends and relatives, a simple insight into how and why Psychosis affects people the way it does.

Remember, Psychosis is Nothing like a Badger.

Why Did I Go Mad? - Horizon BBC Documentary (2017)

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