Support of peers

An underestimated source of recovery is peer support

Peer Leadership in Early Intervention in Psychosis EIP Services, Nev Jones PhD Irene Hurford MD, Berta Britz MSW, CPS, 

Published on Jun 12, 2015 Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) specialty services are exploding around the U.S. following the recent 5 percent Mental Health Block Grant set-aside for early intervention services. While many EIP programs include (or plan to include) some element of peer support and/or family support, questions remain as to how to ensure meaningful peer involvement that significantly impacts services.

In this webinar, the presenters discussed both the real-world challenges of robust peer involvement and the potential for such involvement to transform – rather than merely augment – services across the domains of planning, service delivery, policy, and evaluation. The webinar also covered strategies and insights from the Hearing Voices Movement and similar approaches. It explored the meaning of young people’s experiences and the impact of such experiences on vocational and social identity.

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