Trauma therapy for psychosis

In mainstream psychiatry it is underestimated how much persons with psychosis suffer from trauma’s. And also how they are traumatised again through experience in the psychiatric system. And if there is trauma, clinicians think that it is harmful to talk about it. This seems not to be the case, on the contrary. Here you see some links to general methods of trauma therapy which also works for psychosis


David van den Berg, member of ISPS, defended his thesis that trauma therapy for PTSD can be done also with clients suffering from psychosis. He compared 3 groups of clients, one who got EMDR, one group who got exposure and one waiting list. Some were for years and years in the system. It worked fine!


Look for yourself his thesis is on line:



Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing


This method appears also to be useful for persons with psychosis see Pdf guideline

A Manual, see google book


Exposure Therapy for PTSD

This one too. Exposure Therapy for PTSD, Jennifer H. Wortmann, Jonathan Larson, Rebecca Lubin, Alexander H. Jordan, Brett T. Litz See Pdf


A course from Ron Unger


Working with Trauma, Dissociation, and Psychosis

Develop a humanistic understanding of how adverse life events can lead to reactions such as dissociation and psychosis, and then learn approaches and skills which will allow you to support people in changing those reactions and turning toward recovery!

The evidence

Trauma-Focused Treatment in PTSD Patients With Psychosis: Symptom Exacerbation, Adverse Events, and Revictimization

See article


Trauma Screening Questionnaire

Do you want to know how many persons in your case load suffer from PTSD?

Predictive validity of the Trauma Screening Questionnaire in detecting post-traumatic stress disorder in patients with psychotic disorders, Paul A. J. M. de Bont, David P. G. van den Berg, Berber M. van der Vleugel, Carlijn de Roos, Ad de Jongh, Mark van der Gaag and Agnes van Minnen see Pdf

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