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Friday, 04 June 2021 17:13

Racism and psychosis

In this item you can find studies about the connection betwaan being a member of a disadvantaged minory group and psychosis

Thursday, 06 May 2021 15:46

Psychosis and the city

In the covid crisis some persons did better! More and more people stated that they enjoyed the quiteness. Is noise and just bustle an explanation for the finding that there is more psychosis in the big cities? In this item you can find new research.

Psychosis and the city : what is the problem ? and is the problem not also the solution?

With links to papers from the journal Psychosis (free for isps members) or link to papers with open access.

See also fragmented neighbourhoods under epidemiological findings

Abstract. In this essay I seek to interrogate the specialized language of psycho- analysis and the implicit role unexamined racialization—and hence White hegem- ony—play in the American psychoanalytic imagination. I begin with a discussion of Eng & Han writing on racial melancholia, a work that offers a thoughtful expos- ition of the power of Whiteness to induce racial melancholia in its "Others." I then turn the inquiry toward my own life story, seeking to illuminate the role of Whiteness and racial othering in my own racial formation. Given our field's core interest in subject formation, notions of racialization and the dominant discourses of Whiteness would appear to be ideal grist for the mill of psychoanalysis. This could only be true, however, if psychoanalysis were self-reflexive about the dynamics of race and the hegemony of Whiteness in U.S. society. There is consid- erable literature suggesting that psychoanalysis may embody potential for such critical work. However, because the theory and practices of conventional psycho- analysis are racialized through and through, psychoanalysts—as currently trained—are ill-equipped to address the hegemony of Whiteness or the dynamics of racial difference. If, as Claudia Tate suggests, psychoanalysis functions "as a writing of the ethnicity of the White western psyche," we have much work to do to unconceal these processes and work toward a more emancipatory and inclu- sive psychoanalysis


To understand the complex dynamics of this kind of treatment, we need to look both back and forward. If auditory verbal hallucinations can be dialogued with in this way, is this a possibility only for those with many years of developing voices, or might it be relevant for the young person using early intervention services for the first time? In other words, how does a voice come to be agentic, personified and characterful?11 If we think that the voices or their power relations have changed, does this actually persist beyond therapy, and why are gains apparently not maintained when compared with control interventions? It might be that we need to look beyond the individual and their voices to understand how social relationships and contexts, more broadly, might invoke relapse and distress once someone finishes therapy. Longitudinal qualitative research, possibly combined with ecological momentary assessment, could elucidate the potentially diverse and multifaceted factors contributing to changes relevant to the voice-hearer. We should applaud the efforts of the AVATAR team and the considerable benefits they have enabled for voice-hearers in their trial, but put simply, the question now is this—how does the conversation continue?
Thursday, 06 September 2018 14:43

Avatar and other virtual reality therapies

On this page you can watch video's and read articles on a new way to cope with voices and paranoid ideas. 

This is a self-help book, co-written by a clinical psychologist and a person with lived experience of psychosis and offers information about a range of ways of understanding and coping with psychosis, from both professional and personal perspectives. 

The TEMPO training is an evidence-based training programme for mental health professionals that aims to improve communication with patients with psychosis.

Debra's story of living with voices is a journey into the soul. Describing her experiences, we start to understand, and are able to better support those human beings living with loud heads

Danielle Knafo Ph.D. is a leader in the field of psychoanalytic approach to psychosis, so I’m very pleased she was the presenter for the ISPS-US webinar, “Psychosis: Key Psychoanalytic Concepts” that took place on 6/28/17.  


The Danish National Schizophrenia project (DNS II):
Prospective, comparative, longitudinal, multicentre study of psychodynamic psychotherapy of first-episode psychosis. A controlled design of non-selected, consecutively referred/admitted patients.

Harder S, Koester A, Valbak K, Rosenbaum B. Five-year follow-up of supportive psychodynamic psychotherapy in first-episode psychosis: long-term outcome in social functioning. Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes, 2014;77(2):155-68

Rosenbaum, B., Harder, S., Knudsen, P., Koester, A., Lindhardt, A., Valbak, K., & Winther, G. Supportive psychodynamic psychotherapy versus treatment as usual for first episode psychosis: two-year outcome. Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes, 2012;75(4): 331 – 341

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This book offers first-person accounts of the experience of psychosis from the inside and the outside, through the eyes of two doctors, one of whom...

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