How to form an ISPS group

How to form an ISPS group

How do I actually go about starting up a regional ISPS group?

There are two main ways; you can either find other like-minded people and get together to think about what you might like to get out of forming a regional ISPS group, or you may already be part of an existing group of people who meet from time to time (e.g. to discuss research or clinical material relevant to the objectives of ISPS) and you may wish to give the ISPS name to that group. There is no need to “reinvent the wheel” where such a group already exists.

What are the requirements for being a regional group of ISPS?
  • The primary aim of the network / group must be the promotion and development of psychological therapies for persons vulnerable to psychosis (this term includes people diagnosed with “schizophrenia”)
  • The regional group must pay annual fees to the main ISPS (see point 4 below).
  • The fees to ISPS are kept to the absolute minimum to allow for a maximum growth potential of regional groups.
  • The regional group must keep a reliable, up to date membership list and send regular updates to ISPS upon request.
  • The constitution of the ISPS must be accepted. 
What do ISPS regional groups do?

Some groups hold regular conferences, others hold smaller annual or biannual meetings and workshops. If a regional group would like to host a larger conference (e.g. in order to generate money for its ISPS activities) we can help you to find good speakers and to publicise the event. Regional ISPS groups are encouraged to make use of social media and e-mail discussion groups to actively engage with their members, and some groups such as ISPS-UK and ISPS-US produce their own local ISPS newsletter which their members receive in addition to the ISPS International Newsletter. All ISPS groups are entitled to a free webpage within the ISPS website, or can maintain their own website with a link from the main ISPS site.

Please read the ISPS constitution to learn more about what ISPS is trying to achieve.

Is there a minimum fee that the regional group should charge its members?

No, but it is in your interest to start charging your members a fee fairly soon, as you will need to start paying network fees to ISPS as soon as the regional group has been established. Network fees are due each 1st May (currently €30 per member). This amount covers the cost of each ISPS member receiving individual copies of the ISPS journal Psychosis 4 issues per annum, online acess to the ISPS journal Psychosis, as well as a contribution towards the other services provided to local groups by ISPS such as the website, ISPS Newsletter and the work of the ISPS International Organiser for the regional groups. Groups in countries defined by the World Bank as low and lower-middle income only pay ISPS a reduced fee of €15 per member. For further information visit

Must the regional group be only for professionals?

No, we encourage you to also offer membership of the regional group to people with lived experience of psychosis, family members and carers, and other interested persons to promote dialogue. Several ISPS regional groups have an increasingly diverse membership, not only in terms of including more service users and family members than in the past but also in terms of the mental health professions represented (increasing numbers of nurses, social workers, arts therapists etc). Some regional groups offer bursaries to service users or family members to enable their participation in ISPS conferences, and significantly reduced fees at ISPS conferences are also available. ISPS International also encourages regional groups to inlcude more members from black and ethnic minority communities and recently gave a grant to ISPS UK for this purpose.

Does a regional ISPS group have to cover a whole country?

No. If your country is very large it may make better sense to establish more than one regional ISPS group. It may be better to start with a local ISPS network in your own geographical area or city, and other groups may develop elsewhere in your country with time. Contact ISPS for further guidance.

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