Institutional membership of ISPS

Institutional membership of ISPS

Why should my organisation join? Benefits include:

  • Disounted fees for ISPS International Congresses (for one designated individual only) 
  • 1 copy of the ISPS Journal ‘Psychosis’ per issue (currently 4 issues per year)
  • Online access to ‘Psychosis’ (for one designated individual only)
  • Your institution/organisation can advertise its conferences and events on our website, in the ISPS International Newsletter and via our social media accounts, without cost
  • Your institution/organisation will be listed on our website as a supportive member of ISPS together with some information about you and a link to your site
  • We will assist you to increase the knowledge of your members about psychological therapies for psychoses and this will increase the chances of their implementation as recommended by guidelines and as requested by many patients and families

Institutional Membership Fees

Fees vary according to the size of your institution/organisation (per annum)

  • over 1000 employees / members: €400
  • 1000–500 employees / members: €300
  • 500–200 employees / members: €225
  • less than 200 employees / members: €200

These prices will be given further discounts according to the World Bank List of Economies:

Category A countries (high income): no discount
Category B (upper-middle income): pay 80% of fees
Category C (lower-middle income countries): pay 60% of fees
Category D (low income countries): pay 40% of fees

For assistance with your application to become an Institutional Member of ISPS please email 

Long-time Institutional Members of ISPS include:


Is a training institute based in Chennai and also with a presence in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Mangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai in India. It educates counsellors, therapists, coaches and other medical and non-medical staff in sociometry, psychodrama and group-therapy including “sociatry” approaches with humanistic background. The students are senior professionals and university degree holders studying psychotherapy, counselling and coaching for use in private practice mainly. Vedadrama joined ISPS as an Institutional Member in May 2018. More information at

Stavanger University Hospital | Norway
Stavanger University Hospital employs approximately 6 500 people and serves as  the local hospital from the municipality of Hjelmeland in the north to the municipality of Sokndal in the south, and it is the central hospital of Rogaland county. The hospital has four main tasks: Patient care, research, education of health personnel and patient training.
Stavanger University Hospital have been an Institutional member of ISPS for over 15 years.
The Hanna Segal Institute for Psychoanalytical Studies | Poland
The Hanna Segal Institute for Psychoanalytical Studies (Poland) promotes and develops psychoanalytical ideas and Hanna Segal’s discoveries. The Institute cooperates with Public Health Sector and Universities. ISPHS currently runs three clinical programmes:
– psychoanalytic psychotherapy of psychosis and depressions
– psychological help for old people
-perinatal help
The Hanna Segal Institute joined ISPS in 2013.
Casa de Alba | Portugal
Casa de Alba is a therapeutic community for mental health, near Estremoz in Portugal. Casa de Alba joined ISPS in 2013.
Fundacion para la Investigacion y Tratamiento de la Esquizofrenia y otras Psicosis | Spain
Fundacion para la Investigacion y Tratamiento de la Esquizofrenia y otras Psicosis have held an annual schizophrenia course for mental health care professionals over the past 18 years, aiming to facilitate communication between professions. They have been an Institutional member of ISPS for nearly 20 years.
SIPI | Italian Society for Integrated Psychotherapy
Founded in 1984, SIPI is specialised in the treatment of psychotic patients within a Phenomenological-Existential approach. SIPI has over 300 doctors and psychologists and integrates teaching and clinic within residential and semi-residential settings and social psychotherapy centres for children and adults, managed by “Integrations Cooperative”.
SIPI became an institutional member of ISPS in 2015.