Learn more about ISPS

Learn more about ISPS

Would you like to sign the ISPS Liverpool conference Declaration for Change?

The ISPS Liverpool 2017 conference was driven by our belief that fundamental changes are needed if people who experience psychosis are to have their psychological and social care needs met adequately. The following statement, our ‘Liverpool Declaration’ sets out our beliefs about the kind of changes that are needed. Find out more, and ADD YOUR NAME to the growing list of over 150 individuals and organisations who support the Liverpool Declaration HERE

The ISPS book ‘Fifty Years of Humanistic Treatment of Psychoses’ by Alanen, Y., Silver, A. and Gonzalez de Chavez, M. (2006) can be downloaded for free here

Why people sometimes hear voices, believe things that others find strange, or appear out of touch with reality…. and what can help. A report published by the British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology. View the report here . In 2014 The British Psychological Society published this ground-breaking report which is aimed not only at clinicians but also journalists, policy makers, people who experience psychosis and their friends and relatives.  It outlines a psychological approach which challenges received wisdom about mental illness. The report’s publication has led to widespread media discussion and debate, including in the New York Times. The US launch took place during the 19th International Congress of the ISPS in New York. Editor Anne Cooke and Co-author Peter Kinderman talked about what motivated them to produce the report and what its main messages are. Read the press release here

Talking Therapies for “Schizophrenia” and the Journal Science

An article on talking therapies for psychotic disorders (including the diagnosis of “schizophrenia”) was recently published in Science, one of the world’s leading scientific journals. The article, by journalist Michael Balter, is a result of discussions with a number of clinicians – including ISPS members – and a summary of evidence from CBT and psychodynamic researches.  The article had to be very much based on evidence from controlled trials for this particular journal. The article is excellent publicity for some of the approaches that ISPS supports and it is made humanly meaningful by quoting the experiences of individual patients. Full text article available here

ISPS Regional Groups Self-Portrait

Corresponding Editor: Dr Nicolas Nowack of ISPS-Germany. E-mail: N.Nowack@zsp-salzwedel.de

The poster was presented during the 18th International Congress of ISPS (22nd-25th August 2013) in Warsaw.

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